cairns diveScuba Dive Medical information

Your health and safety  is of  paramount importance to our company

Queensland Dive Laws are the strictest in the world – with the safest dive record in the world

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you should see your Doctor before arriving in Cairns if you would like to participate in scuba diving

If you answer no to all of the questions then you would not be required to see a Doctor

Have you suffered form, or do you suffer from, any of the following:

Asthma or wheezing

Brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder

Chronic bronchitis or persistent chest complaint

Chronic sinus conditions

Collapsed lung (pneumothorax)

Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)

Chest surgery

Ear surgery


Fainting seizure or blackouts

Heart disease of any kind

Recurrent ear problems when flying

Tuberculosis or other long-term lung disease

Are you currently suffering from ”


Chronic ear discharge or infection

High blood pressure

Other illness or operation within the last month

Perforated ear drum

Are you flying within the next 12 hours

Are you currently taking prescribed medicine or drugs (excluding oral contraceptive)?

Have you ingested any alcohol with eight (8) hours prior to snorkelling / diving?

Are you pregnant?

Have you ever had a snorkelling / diving accident?

Do you understand that concealment of any condition incompatible with safe snorkelling and diving might put your life or health at risk?

• Flying after diving caution

Currently the rules state that for a single no decompression dive, you should not fly/go to altitude for at least 12 hours after your dive

• For multiple dives you should not fly/go to altitude for at least 18 hours after your last dive

We  recommend waiting a minimum 24 hours whenever possible

Please note: there are regulations about flying or going to altitude after diving, so plan your tours carefully.

This includes going to the Tablelands which can be approximately 300m above sea level.

(Altitude is 300m/1000ft above sea level)


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