Resort Dive The Great Barrier Reef With The MV Reef Encounter

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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef structure in the world, it is also has the most biodiversity in the world and a resort dive is a perfect way to explore the reef.

Combining these two factors and you have a place that scuba divers dream about.

Thanks to a program called Resort dives, even non-divers are now able to slip below the waves and experience the unique underwater world that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Let’s start with a little background on what is a resort dive.

Many dive instructors expressed a need for a way to introduce the sport of scuba diving to potential students.

At that time student had to commit to a training program and past some written test before being allowed in the water with scuba.

The major certification organizations replied by establishing a program that allowed instructors to give some basic lessons and skill training before leading the guest to a real scuba dive.

The programs go by different names such as resort dive, try a dive or introduction to diving but the programs are similar.

Introduction To Diving, Resort Diver Programs

The programs are designed so that the resort diver will receive some basic classroom training covering some of the key risk points.

They are then showed some of the basic skills that they must learn.

These are the items that students in open water training do in their first dive.

Removing, replacing and clearing a mask is one of the skills, so that the resort diver knows what to do if the mask leaks a little or accidentally gets dislodged on a dive.

Losing the regulator from your mouth can cause someone to panic, that is unless they practiced it and learned how to recover and clear it.

It might sound difficult but most people learn it on the first try and after doing it two or three times it becomes second nature. Once the resort diver is comfortable with the task it is time for a dive.

The MV Reef Encounter offers two programs revolves around the resort diver program.

The resort dive/ introduction dive is offered to all guest who are not certified divers over 12 years of age, who have basic swimming skills and have no adverse medical conditions.

It is a program that they offer for free. They are scheduled a time during their stay on the MV Reef Encounter to complete the training and the dive.

The resort diver is limited to a depth of about 5 meters, however, on the dive sites in the outer barrier reefs just about each dive site has an outstanding experience at this depth.

The other program is their Resort diver Liveaboard package.

It is available for however many days that the guest wishes to reserve and is also available as a top deck option.

It is actually a very incredible package, the resort diver program requires that you dive with an instructor always in arms reach.

Also an instructor may have no more than four students at a time.

As a resort diver you are diving the same sites as the certified divers, maybe not as deep but generally you are very close if not the same depth, and you have your own dive guide to show you the best features of the reef.

The 2 day one night Resort dive provides five resort dives.

About The MV Reef Encounter

The MV Reef Encounter is an award-winning 35 meter long multiple hull vessel that was designed not only as a diving Liveaboard but also to provide the luxury of a boutique hotel.

Her accommodations has won her awards from tripadvisor and from Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

She boasts of 21 staterooms each with en-suite facilities, air conditioning and ocean views.

Staterooms are available as either double or twin shares.

All the interior space is air-conditioned and there is ample space for those who wish to sun bathe or enjoy the hot tub on the open deck.

Meals are included and receive high reviews by the guest. Each meal is prepared with fresh locally procured ingredients.

The views from the boat, on deck, from the public rooms and from your stateroom are spectacular. The UNESCO has granted the Great Barrier Reef recognition of being a Heritage site.

In its description it states that the Great Barrier Reef has some of the most spectacular views on earth both above and below the water.

There is no place better in the world to experience the undersea world of a coral reef, if you are not a certified diver than this unique program may be just the perfect way to experience it.


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