Spirit of Freedom Cairns: Embark on a Journey of Discovery


Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers an extraordinary expedition to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional features and benefits of Spirit of Freedom Cairns, showcasing why it is the ultimate choice for those seeking a memorable scuba diving experience in this iconic location.

Unforgettable Liveaboard Experience

Experience the thrill of living aboard a spacious, well-equipped vessel with Spirit of Freedom Cairns. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef as you travel to remote and pristine dive sites far away from the crowds. This experience allows you to maximise your time exploring the reef and create lasting memories with like-minded adventurers.

World-Class Dive Facilities

Spirit of Freedom Cairns has world-class dive facilities, ensuring a seamless and comfortable diving experience. The vessel has a spacious dive deck with individual dive stations, ample storage space for equipment, and freshwater rinse tanks. Dive confidently, knowing that the experienced crew is dedicated to your safety and enjoyment throughout your journey.

Professional Dive Guides:

Explore the depths of the Great Barrier Reef with the guidance of professional and knowledgeable dive guides. Spirit of Freedom Cairns prides itself on its team of experienced dive guides passionate about sharing their expertise and showcasing the unique marine life of the reef. This diving trip is best suited for advanced scuba divers. The dive guides provide personalised attention and ensure fantastic reef adventures.

Spectacular Dive Sites

Spirit of Freedom Cairns takes you to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the Great Barrier Reef. From the Ribbon Reefs’ vibrant coral gardens to the Coral Sea’s mesmerising marine life, each dive site offers a unique and amazing experience. Dive alongside magnificent marine creatures, including colourful coral reefs,  sharks, turtles, and reef fish.

Comfortable Accommodations:

Relax and rejuvenate in comfortable onboard accommodations with Spirit of Freedom Cairns. The vessel offers a range of cabin options, from twin-share to private cabins, all designed with your comfort in mind. Each cabin is air-conditioned with ensuite bathroom and ample storage space, providing a cozy and welcoming retreat after diving.

Delicious Cuisine:

Indulge in delicious and freshly prepared meals with Spirit of Freedom Cairns throughout your journey. The onboard chef creates a culinary experience tantalising your taste buds with international and Australian cuisine. From hearty breakfasts to mouthwatering dinners, each meal is designed to satisfy and energise you for your reef adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spirit of Freedom Cairns

Q. What is Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns is a renowned liveaboard diving vessel that offers unforgettable expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef. It provides a comfortable and immersive experience, allowing guests to explore remote dive sites and encounter the stunning marine biodiversity of the reef.

Q. How long are the trips with Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers a range of trip durations, from 3 to 7 nights, allowing guests to choose the itinerary that best suits their preferences and availability. Longer trips provide a more extensive exploration of the Great Barrier Reef and its diverse dive sites.

Q. What type of accommodations are available onboard Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers a variety of comfortable onboard accommodations, including twin-share and private cabins. Each cabin has air-conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, and storage space, providing a cozy retreat for guests.

Q. Are meals provided during the trip?

A. Yes, Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers delicious meals throughout the journey. Guests can enjoy a mix of international and Australian cuisine prepared by onboard chefs using fresh ingredients. Meals cater to dietary preferences and offer a satisfying dining experience for all guests.

Q. Do I need prior diving experience to join Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns welcomes both experienced divers and beginners. Certified divers can explore the reef’s dive sites, while those without certification can participate in introductory dives under the guidance of professional instructors. It is recommended to check specific requirements for each trip.

Q. Can I rent diving equipment onboard Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers rental diving equipment for guests who prefer not to bring their gear. It is advisable to inform the team in advance to ensure the availability and proper fitting of the equipment.

Q. Is there a dive guide provided during the trips?

A. Yes, Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers the expertise of professional dive guides who accompany guests during dives. The dive guides ensure safety, provide information about the dive sites, and assist divers in making the most of their underwater experiences.

Q. How do I book a trip with Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Booking a trip with Spirit of Freedom Cairns can be done through this website. All availability listed is live and will only allow you to book if space is available. Please get in touch with our reservations team if you require assistance or have questions.

Q. What safety measures are in place onboard Spirit of Freedom Cairns?

A. Spirit of Freedom Cairns prioritises safety and follows strict safety protocols. The vessel is equipped with emergency equipment, and the crew is trained to handle unforeseen circumstances. Safety briefings are conducted at the beginning of each trip to ensure all guests are aware of safety procedures.


Spirit of Freedom Cairns offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in comfort and style. With its fantastic liveaboard experience, world-class dive facilities, professional dive guides, wonderful dive sites, comfortable accommodations, and delicious cuisine, Spirit of Freedom Cairns ensures a memorable journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in the reef’s beauty and create lifelong memories with Spirit of Freedom Cairns.

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