Snorkeling Friendly Liveaboard VacationsĀ on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

For many scuba divers the ultimate vacation is a live aboard dive vacation.

It is total immersion into diving for the duration of the trip generally a week.

There are anywhere from three to dive dives a day, the evening activities are generally having a drink and watching the dive videos taken during the day.

However, things are changing in the world. Many divers are not as focused solely on diving as in years past, additionally they are often traveling with non-diving companions.

Ten years ago, it was almost unheard of for a diving liveaboard boat to offer a non-diver rate.

Many divers past up a live aboard vacation because it was not suitable for the non-diving companion.

Reduced Rates For Snorkeling

Liveaboard boats are now frequently offering snorkeling rates, and not hidden in the back of the brochures either as before.

Many dive boats are promoting snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

This is especially true in the Cairns area. Part of the reason why the dive boats in Cairns is so forward thinking is that most of the dive sites also make excellent snorkeling sites.

As the focus of the clients changed over the last few years dive boats changed as well.

New boats and Multimillion dollar upgrades, such as the recent one for the Reef Encounter , has changed the dive industry.

While cramped quarters, and share heads (bath rooms) were the norm before equal to a youth hostel, now you see more spacious staterooms and en-suite facilities on par with a fine resort.

Cairns also has a number of boats that are offering three or four day trips.

Liveaboard vacations for the snorkeler appeal to a wide range of people.

While the diver may still be focused on getting as many dives as possible the non-diver is just as happy snorkeling for a few hours, and then hitting the sun deck to lay in the sun.

Plus the snorkeler has greater freedom.

As long as they are following the boats check in, check out procedures, the snorkeler can jump in the water anytime the dive deck is open.

No need to gear up, no dive planning, just check in with the dive master, put on your fins and mask and then a giant step into the crystal clear warm water that awaits every diver and snorkeler on the Great Barrier Reef.

An Affordable Alternative To A Luxury Vacation

While divers will travel the world looking for the best live aboard, snorkelers do not have that level of dedication.

However, you are starting to see people book snorkeling live aboard vacations without being with a diver.

As the quality of the dive boat improved over the years, many of them improved and expanded the service on board as well.

In many cases, joining a snorkeling live aboard is not very much different from being on a luxury yacht.

You have the same facilities as many yachts, excellent service provided by an excellent crew, an on-board trained chef, and a leisure cruise connecting dive destinations.

There are very few companies that offer vacations on a yacht unless you book the entire boat, with a snorkeling live aboard you get that luxury yacht feeling without feeling it in your wallet.

As you plan your next vacation, look at the benefits and the excitement that a snorkel friendly live aboard provides.


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